Hey there! *waves frantically* Thank you for taking the time to visit my site!


The short story is that I’m “Buppie” of Buppie dit Bonsoir; a freelance writer, traveler, and woman of color who knows a thing or two about financial matters. I’m not an accountant or money guru, just someone whose trying her luck at this whole full-time freelancing gig and interested in sharing what’s she’s learned in the hopes that it will help other novices along the way.


The long story is that I went to business school, survived, and my MBA was conferred in early 2017. I walked into B school thinking I was going to learn the tools I needed to get a management position at some bomb non-profit, and eventually start one of my own. However, I walked out disillusioned and no longer wanting to waste away at some 9-to-5 job at a bureaucratic organization where I would rarely, if ever, get to see the impact of my work.


So, now thousands of dollars in debt with no idea what to do with my life, I started doing some freelance work here and there to pay my bills and stay afloat until I could figure out a long-term solution to my unemployment situation. One year later and those one or two projects turned into me working with a handful of clients, and now I’m on my way towards starting my own business. I’ve also indulged my love of travel by heading to places I’ve always wanted to visit while remaining hard at work.


To be honest, even though I’m a self-proclaimed writer, I was hesitant to start a blog. I didn’t want to be another traveling, freelancing, digital nomad whatevertheheck shouting basic travel information into the abyss. (I mean, seriously, do we really need another travel guide for Tulum, Mexico?) If I did start up a blog I wanted it to be useful.


After reading a deliciously frank blog post by Liz Aldrich (Temporary Provisions) on how to make it during your first year as a freelancer, it hit me: very few of us were really talking about the dirt you have to dig through to get to the root of how to survive as a full-time freelancer. I mean, the real stuff like how to pay your taxes, how to choose a decent health insurance plan, how to budget so that you can travel long-term and invest in growing your business or brand.


As I said, some things I already know from experience and education, however, I’m also learning as I go. Therefore, this site features many “how to” guides and articles, as well as a page where I’ll be chronicling my experience going through the incorporation process. I also want to note that since I am American, the blog posts I write regarding financial literacy will be written from that perspective. However, regardless of where you’re from, I hope you’ll join me on what is sure to be a very interesting journey to success and financial literacy. Leggo!